Today is 10.10.10 and one of the GEEKEST Days, so I decided to dedicate this Post to WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

So you’re dating a Programmer, a Techy or an IT Guy…

Here’s some GOLDies you need to take into consideration and This will save you lots of headache and sleepless nights talking to your self and saying .. WHY THE HELL MY GUY DOESN’T UNDERSTAND ME!!!

10. The Health of our Computer/Mobile is as important as your Future Child… Stop Nagging!

9.  We use a different logic than other guys you’ve dated, this is true: 1+1=2 and this is Also True: 1+1=10 … STOP TRYING TO ANYLIZE How we think! (and BTW in the Programming World… LOGIC WORKS!!!!!)

8.  Our Information & Knowledge DO EXPIRE… Believe it or not… We need to Work hard to Survive… SO STOP TALKING ABOUT it!! (I wrote “it” intentionally in small letters, we wouldn’t dare to say the whole sentence in ALL CAPITAL)..

7.  We Do LOVE other Guys Like Scott Hanselman, Bill Gates and Scott Guthrie but that doesn’t Mean that we’re GAY or  weirdoes… STOP Being JEALOUS!

6.  Technology is IMPORTANT TO US and so is using it in our relationship… So Sending an E-Greeting Card IS Considered ROMANTIC for us… CANDLE DINNER MY APPS!

5.  We’ve Made Peace with our Parents Long time ago.. Stop Trying to Teach us Manners!

4.  We Don’t Cheat.. Because more likely we will barely have time for Two Women in our Lives (One being our Mother)… STOP DOUPTING… YES I NORMALLY WORK LATE!

3.  We Don’t Lie… We may seem Dump & Reclus in how we do things; that’s because we’re used to something called ROLLBACK TRANSACTION => we can undo things as if it NEVER HAPPENED!!!!  That’s 100% TRUE!

2.  Our Brains has an Advanced Problem Solving Skills, For us as long as there is a Solution SOMEWHERE, THERE IS NO PROBLEM! … STOP THE DRAMA!

1.  We Love in Binary… it’s either 1 or 0 … so IF We say “I love You “…  THAT”S THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW HOW TO SAY IT!




  1. You know sir, I just lost my gf, she cheated on me, maybe she thought I cheated or IDK. I just wish I could send this article to her just before I got the exception. it’s goddamn hard to forget her now and find another one, or better someone finds you.

    1. Dear Holy Code,

      I’m sorry to hear about what happened between you and your (now EX) GF, this is never easy, and I wish you a quick recovery. Since you’re one of my readers, I have one comment and one small advice to you:

      No Matter who you were and how bad your relationship is, Cheating is never a validated action; so stop thinking that she needed a reason to do so.

      You don’t need to validate yourself to anyone, just be yourself, and be very comfortable with who you are… And only then, you’ll be with the right person.

      Take care! and take the energy to become successful, because becoming successful is the best revenge you can ever have!


      1. You are sucha royal person sir, of course you are true. But it’s really hard, believe me damn hard. Worse, I still don’t know and cannot find any logical reason behind this, it’s kinda 1/0 or nullpointexception for me.

        Hope you never experience this sir, take care, and keep going on good work sir.

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