For those who met me recently, would find hard to believe that once upon a time, I literally did have hard time finding the right words to express myself speaking… (Yes me 🙂 )… The first effective method I managed to communicate my thoughts and words was through Music…  and that All started 20 years back!

Over the past 20 years, Mixing Music, Interacting with crowds at Parties, Producing Megamixes &  Playing on Radio made me a whole new person… I managed to see beyond the music, I could see how Music affects the life around me… And I loved that I was in a position to control how people would feel by simply changing a particular order of a song.

Today, Looking Back, It has been some beautiful time… That I’ll always remember!


And probably a question that I almost heard every single time, “What’s your favorite Style of Music?” and the Typical Answer is “It’s very hard, cause I love all types :)”… Only this time, when I decided to do a final Mix… I Did choose my Favorite Style to do so… it was Love Songs Mix. And my Retirement Mix was a Special Valentine 2014 Mix (Link Below) 

Therefore I Say Goodbye… With Love! 

You can check my Goodbye List:
And the highlights of my latest Mixed on: 



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