Last night, I had a dream… A dream that a plane I was in crashed 😦  As most people know me, I’ve lived the past 10 years of my life with one simple principle… I live everyday with NO REGRETS… So that dream didn’t affect my day or me in a way that made me START to look back and reflect on how I lived my life, and what I did right or wrong… I kinda did that years back, and decided that I’m not going to be in that situation ever again… So the Same risk is and will always be there… and the possibility of today being your last day is Always Valid! and One Day you will be right 🙂


So if this was my last article… I would love to share with you this:

5 things I learned about the Future

1) The Future is unpredictable… The Best way to predict it… is to CREATE IT

2) The Future has not happened yet… So you still have time to Change it!

3) Your Past is a STORY… just like any book or article or post you’ve read… It’s how you make it affect your future, either to the better or to the worse

4) Time waits for no man… Your Future is Today for yesterday’s YOU… So The Future will always be about Today for YOU!

5) Your Future is measured by how many lives you’ve influenced by being YOURSELF... and Not by what you have done

Samer Chidiac in Pakistan

Well, if you’re here because you heard the news about a plane crash, don’t worry about me, cause I lived a life I’m proud of, I loved from all my heart, I’ve danced all night, I’ve achieved so much,  I’ve influenced so many, And Left a Legacy Everyday and you’re reading one of them… So Thank you!

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My Warmest regards,



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