If you could see the future… What would you do?

Last night, I had a dream… A dream that a plane I was in crashed 😦  As most people know me, I’ve lived the past 10 years of my life with one simple principle… I live everyday with NO REGRETS… So that dream didn’t affect my day or me in a way that made me START to look back and reflect on how I lived my life, and what I did right or wrong… I kinda did that years back, and decided that I’m not going to be in that situation ever again… So the Same risk is and will always be there… and the possibility of today being your last day is Always Valid! and One Day you will be right 🙂


So if this was my last article… I would love to share with you this:

5 things I learned about the Future

1) The Future is unpredictable… The Best way to predict it… is to CREATE IT

2) The Future has not happened yet… So you still have time to Change it!

3) Your Past is a STORY… just like any book or article or post you’ve read… It’s how you make it affect your future, either to the better or to the worse

4) Time waits for no man… Your Future is Today for yesterday’s YOU… So The Future will always be about Today for YOU!

5) Your Future is measured by how many lives you’ve influenced by being YOURSELF... and Not by what you have done

Samer Chidiac in Pakistan

Well, if you’re here because you heard the news about a plane crash, don’t worry about me, cause I lived a life I’m proud of, I loved from all my heart, I’ve danced all night, I’ve achieved so much,  I’ve influenced so many, And Left a Legacy Everyday and you’re reading one of them… So Thank you!

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My Warmest regards,


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Don’t settle for less… Love is the Limit

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve been to 4 different countries, was speaking at conferences and conducting workshops and trainings all day long, and taking red eye flights (Midnight or very early AM) most of the time and sleeping on planes… Bottom line with the lifestyle I have, socializing with someone on a plane, was pretty much the least of my concerns, as I preferred to sleep or at least to preserve my vocal cords 🙂 .

On that flight back from Tunisia to Qatar, I had an interesting passenger sitting next to me, an old man but pretty full of life much more than other young people on that aircraft.

It was about 6 hours flight, and I know I need to be somewhere speaking few hours after my plane will land finally in Dubai… so I really didn’t want to talk to anyone, and try to sleep instead; only the warmth of the positive vibes I heard from that beautiful person, made me drop my headphones and turn and answer him… What do I do in Life? (if you haven’t met a Tunisian before, their politeness and class is incredible… especially when they start by saying “Forgive me…” – Samehni-  instead of the traditional “Excuse me”)

I started telling him about what I do, where I spend my time, and so and so… and the Obvious following question would be… “Wow with this life style, how do you keep up with your family? Are you married?”


“What are you waiting for young man?? time is flying”

“I Know”

“You must be married to your work then”

“Not really”

“Let me ask you this young man, I don’t actually know you but I can tell you that from the brief discussion we’ve had made me proud with all the achievements you’ve made considering your young age… but you need to ask yourself the question before it’s too late… Why are you doing all this, to whom?”

“I know the answer to that question”


“I’m living my life to Adam & Maria”

“Who’s Maria & Adam??”

“They are my children…

or to be more accurate, the children I’d love to have one day

I want to be the role model for Adam, to be proud of his father when he goes to school, when he plays with his mates and until he becomes a valuable member of society and beyond, I want to be worthy of being his inspiration and aspiration

I want to be Maria’s hero, her first and eternal love… I want to be there for her when she wakes up at night and hold her when she sees a nightmare… I want to take her to school and watch her grow to become a life changer. And I want to be the father she would be proud to introduce to her friends and to her husband and to be the grandfather she always wished for.

I want the entire world to salute Adam & Maria with respect, knowing they are my children… And thank them for the difference I made happen, and repeat the sentence that they will never ever get sick of hearing… “You are very lucky to have had such a great father”.

The old man, overwhelmed with my words, was about to shed a tear of pride… “That’s inspiring… But what about the mother?”

“Well my friend, they say that the best gift a dad can give his children is to… Love their mother. She’s the one who will support me through good and bad times, to be the best of what I can be, for her and for them… Where everything is suddenly possible…”

“I hope you find the right girl with the best qualities then”

“I’m not going to worry about finding her… I’m going to be busy being the Right man for her”

In Business I learned not to settle for less because The Sky is the Limit… But in Life… Love is the Limit!


It was the best talk I’ve had in years…



Chapters of my Life

20 Years of DJing… It’s time to Say Goodbye!


For those who met me recently, would find hard to believe that once upon a time, I literally did have hard time finding the right words to express myself speaking… (Yes me 🙂 )… The first effective method I managed to communicate my thoughts and words was through Music…  and that All started 20 years back!

Over the past 20 years, Mixing Music, Interacting with crowds at Parties, Producing Megamixes &  Playing on Radio made me a whole new person… I managed to see beyond the music, I could see how Music affects the life around me… And I loved that I was in a position to control how people would feel by simply changing a particular order of a song.

Today, Looking Back, It has been some beautiful time… That I’ll always remember!


And probably a question that I almost heard every single time, “What’s your favorite Style of Music?” and the Typical Answer is “It’s very hard, cause I love all types :)”… Only this time, when I decided to do a final Mix… I Did choose my Favorite Style to do so… it was Love Songs Mix. And my Retirement Mix was a Special Valentine 2014 Mix (Link Below) 

Therefore I Say Goodbye… With Love! 

You can check my Goodbye List: http://goodbyewithlove.podomatic.com
And the highlights of my latest Mixed on: http://chidioc.podomatic.com 


Chapters of my Life